XI'AN MICROMOTOR RESEARCH INSTITUTE Co., Ltd is a main development center of micromotor and numerical control system in China, engaging in research and development of micro &
special motors and servo system. The National Inspection and Testing Center of Quality
for Micromotor Products is located in the Institute. It possesses the first-class technology
and equipment of micro & special motor testing.

    Now it is responsible for leading in the field of micromotor technique. Among National Micromotor Standard Committee, the institute is the chief member and general secretary member respectively. Also, within members of Micromotor Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, the institute is the chief member and general secretary member respectively.

    The institute has manufactured and developed 20 kinds, 80 series, 2000 types of micro & special motors as synchros, resolvers, induction shifters, inductorsyn, encoder, AC and DC tachogenerators, AC and DC torque motors, stepping motors, brushless DC motors, wound disc-armature and printed armature and printed armature DC motor, low speed synchronous motors, rare-earth permanent magnet AC servomotors and all kinds of combined motors, etc. These products have been widely used in such important fields as aeroplanes, spaceflight, ship building, weapons, electronics, nuclear industry, metallurgical industry, machine tool, printing, paper making machinery, instrument industry, chemical industry, robots, etc.

    We would like to cooperate with the friends both in national defence and civil use in order
to make a contribution to the national defence and teh development of national industry.
Electrical Resolvers
Stepping Motors
Induction Phase Shifters
Synchronous Motors
Asynchronous Motors
DC Servomotors
PM DC Motor
AC Servomotors
Brushless DC Motors
DC Torque Motors
Printed Armature DC Motors
DC PM Servomotor Sets
Electromagnetic Brake

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